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Appendix II: Resources

In this appendix, we link to PDFs of the resources referenced throughout the toolkit. These are based on actual materials used by existing clinics, with identifying or sensitive details redacted. They are intended as a reference and starting point for other clinics, but should certainly be adapted to specific need.

Resources are ordered by chapter and appear in the same order in which they are referenced. 



Toolkit Resources by Chapter

Chapter 3: Agency Partners


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Chapter 4: Service Delivery Models​

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Chapter 9: Helping With Technology Abuse​

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Other Organizations and Resources

Existing clinics have benefitted from the research, advice, and resources provided by other organizations. We include a  non-comprehensive list of other organizations addressing technology abuse here, but note that inclusion does not indicate a partnership, endorsement, or any formal linkage between the clinics, the toolkit, and these organizations.

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