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Technology abuse is the use of technology to harass, threaten, monitor, exploit, or otherwise harm another person.  It is a complex and widespread problem, affecting people of all backgrounds . Technology abuse also play a widely recognized role in intimate partner violence (IPV).


Technology abuse clinics are a relatively new approach in which trained technologists provide trauma-informed, client-centered assistance directly to survivors who are experiencing technology abuse. Research indicates that technology abuse clinics fill a key gap in services for survivors. However, despite their initial success, there are only a handful of tech clinics around the United States, meaning many survivors lack access to this valuable resource.

The Technology Abuse Clinic Toolkit is our attempt to share our knowledge and experience with those interested in starting a clinic in their own community.  Developed by stakeholders of existing clinics, it is intended to encourage the growth of new clinics, expanding access to technology resources for survivors.

See our about page for more information about who we are and how to reach us with questions about the toolkit.

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